Some of You Might Be Wondering

Some of You Might Be Wondering

What is the connection between the VW beetle trunk lid for our sign and coffee?

Armando and I might be accused of being the type to leap first, and look second in our enthusiasm to get things done, and sometimes our passion for new ideas rule our motivations. 

The sign was just such an idea.  I saw the beetle hood for sale and it reminded me of Mexico , which got me thinking  of Armando and the factory.   We had to have it, not sure what we were going do with it, but I thought it would be cool somehow. Sometimes cool wins out over practical. Being that we import coffee from all over Latin America and the VW beetle in prevalent throughout, it seemed there was a connection. I saw it, it was dropped off and 10 minutes later after much laughter we thought of the sign idea outside. While it was painted we ordered the license plate and rewired the light with an LED light. We made up a bracket and there you go.  

I think it exemplifies our willingness to take chances, do it ourselves, make things happen and all the time maintaining a connection to where our coffee comes from and the stories that come our way. Wait ‘til you see the new sign we are working on!

We always love visitors to come to our factory and try our coffees but now with COVID protocol we ask that you make an appointment on our “contact” section of the website or Facebook. We limit visitors to 3 people for safety but also to have enough time to ask all your coffee questions without feeling rushed. Welcome to Las Fincas Coffee.

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