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Following the unfortunate earthquake on August 14th, we knew it was our duty to help the coffee farmers and producers of Haiti. We got in touch with Felix from JA Coffee, who told us about the coffee from Kok Ki Chante, a non-profit organization located in Haiti that aims to help Haitian coffee growers get a fair wage for their work.

This batch of Arabica Typica, Bourbon, and Catuai varieties bring a medium-bodied, slightly acidic, coffee with notes of chocolate, orange, and caramel. 

33% of the proceeds from each can will go directly to the coffee growers in this richest region of the coffee world.

Let's support our local artists!

The artwork on the can was created by Haitian-born Montreal artist Gregory Theobal "THEO" (@iamkingtheo) to bring a glimmer of hope to his country, to which he shows a deep sense of attachment. Therefore, 11% of the proceeds from each can will go directly to the artist, to encourage him in his artistic projects.


*This can makes approximately 10 cups of coffee.


* 0.5% of all our proceeds go directly to the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA), a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting, empowering and advancing women in the international coffee community.


FREE Espresso Samples (Have a coffee on us)

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