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A powerful detergent utilized for backflushing the groupheads of traditional commercial espresso machines and certain traditional home model espresso machines with 3 way solenoid valves, and for overnight soaking of the filter baskets and filter handle (metal part only).


  • Requirements: In order to backflush your espresso machine, you need a blind filter basket. This is a filter basket without any holes.
  • Warning: Please follow the instructions included with your equipment before using the instructions on the packaging of this cleaner. If there are no instructions by the manufacturer, please contact the manufacturer directly. Please keep in mind that descaling an espresso machine can cause leakage at components that were damaged by limescale. 1st-line Equipment is not responsible for any loss, incidental or consequential damages from the use of this item.



* 0.5% of all our proceeds go directly to the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA), a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting, empowering and advancing women in the international coffee community.

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