Guatemala Finca Las Cortinas

Finca Las Cortinas Women Produced Coffee

We welcome yet another directly negotiated coffee in to our repertoire of delicious and unique coffee menu. This time we present you this coffee from Guatemala produced at finca Las Cortinas situated in San Rafael Las Flores in the surroundings of lake Ayarza. The farm is family owned and part of the IWCA Guatemalan chapter. The IWCA is one of the organizations we are feel around in promoting as its values align very well with our own. Most coffee from Guatemala is washed processed but this particular lot of coffee is naturally processed, this means that there is more mucilage left on top of the coffee beans adding notes of fruits and a more define chocolate note. Fincas Las Cortinas is well known for their natural and honey processed coffee and have identified this methods to be the best presentation for their coffee. For us this process of coffee allows us to approach the beans with a very particular type of flame in order to caramelize and trap as much sugar contained in the coffee resulting in a dense and sweet cup. This micro-lot is composed of a blend of Catuaí, Caturra and Tekisic arabica cultivars. The cherries are hand-picked and selected by hand, the old traditional and artisanal way. The coffee is produced at an altitude between 1800-2000 m.a.s.l. permitting the coffee trees to output beautifully ripe cherries and beans packed with flavour.


We decided to have the coffee available in our Japanese filter packs so you can brew this superb coffee anywhere and any time you crave for a good cup of coffee. The notes you will be able to enjoy in this coffee are citric and floral aromas, honey and caramel, dark chocolate notes with a lingering finish.

Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Strawberry, Cacao nibs. Medium to full body and a pleasant fruity finish.


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