Sumatra Mandheling Vintage

This is a wet hulled Sumatran coffee which has been aged and homogenized for at least 48 months at origin until the coffee reaches a deep brown color and a cup reminiscent of a quality brandy with smooth heavy tobacco note. Wet Hulling: Coffee cherries are run through hand pulpers to remove the outer skin and most of the pulp. The coffee is then soaked in water overnight, making it easier to wash off the remaining then dried for a few hours to a moisture level of 50%. Before being sold to buyers who take it to a mill with a “wet hulling” machine. They wait for the coffee to lose another 20% moisture. A wet huller works like a dry parchment huller except it applies greater friction and is designed to operate in a wetter environment. After wet hulling, the green coffee is laid out to finish drying.