Coffee ….. Motorcycles…. Café racers…

Coffee ….. Motorcycles…. Café racers…

Ok, it’s not a big stretch, but both Armando and I loves old style café racer motorcycles. It wasn’t hard for us to connect coffee with something else that we loved.  

I started with my telling  Armando about my trip to Colombia and how every coffee town had these motorcycles overloaded with bags of coffee bringing them to the markets.  

So it was after that, the idea of the Las Fincas Lone Rider came to be.  We loved the idea of road trips and the idea that we could somehow bring the coffee here by motorcycle. Armando envisioned the leather helmet and goggles look and so our Lone Rider began. The Lone Rider came to represent our line of single source coffees and remind us of the efforts of everyone who brings the coffee to us .   

This idea of speed and espresso coffee was always in Armando’s mind when making the espresso blends. The names alone have always signified speed, Mach 1 , Mach 2, Mach 3 and you guessed it Mach 4.  Each blend getting more complex in its’ taste and mouth feel. Each one getting more horsepower and handling so to speak.   So when designing our cans for our Mach series of espresso coffees we wanted the motorcade idea to be maintained.  If you look closely, we have incorporated motorcycle images on the can and our numbers were designed remind us of the café racer styles used on the side of the bikes when racing.  Each one getting more italicized and faster looking. 

Our intention with our designs are to get people to look closer at the origins of the coffee and ask questions.  We aren’t shy to tell you what is inside. Our goal is traceability so we encourage you to read every can carefully and learn what’s  giving our coffee its’ unique tastes.  When questions come up, it’s then our passion for what we do can comes through as we  get to talk about the stories behind the coffee we import, the trips we’ve taken and our desire to connect them to everyone we meet.


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