How We Stand Out by Doing Things Our Way.

How We Stand Out by Doing Things Our Way.

One visit to our factory will let you in on our coffee world.  We have mixed a workable space with an inviting atmosphere where we are always  willing to stop and talk coffee.  What you notice first is our variety of specialty coffees from every corner of the globe.  We have always chosen our coffees based on quality of cupping notes and the traceability to the farmers that grow it.  We are drawn to unique harvesting methods, washing and drying techniques and sometimes simply the characters themselves that tell us about their coffee.

Our goal is to respect all those that have a hand in that coffee from the time it’s grown to the time it poured into the cup.  Once we receive our coffee at our factory that’s when our aspirations shine through.  At first glance our larger coffee roaster looks much like any other drum style roaster.  But here is where “our way” takes root and stands out from the others.

While our roaster has a 70 kg capacity, we found that half batches produce a consistent roast  and allows us to monitor all our sensors more precisely.  If you come by, and we strongly suggest you do, we will show you how we have modified our roaster to suit the results we are looking for.  Every bean, depending on origin, elevation and variety can have different sizes and densities  and this in turn effects our roasting methods.  With this in mind we have modified the size of the burners we use, in fact Armando’s love of bread making lead to the research on our specific burners. Our burners are similar to those used in large bakeries when baking baguettes.  Las Fincas worked with a company in France to design and supply the correct burners so that the heat produced could be manipulated easily throughout the roast. Equally important is the quality of heat they produce that allows us to extend roasting times allowing the full flavors of each roast the be extracted without going to a dark, over-roasted or burnt coffee.  In addition to the burners we have added turbo chargers to each burner that ensures the proper ratio of propane and air is available no mater how intense the heat required. Sensors that monitor bean temperature, air and exhaust temperature all contribute to being able to replicate identical roasts for each blend. These might be considered little things to some but it is all in an effort to produce the best results for each origin or blend of coffee we roast.  Our efforts to respect the process from beginning to end drives us to be unique in our approach to the craft of roasting coffee.   We are always looking for ways to improve with every roast.  Our own custom roaster is just one of those ways that makes us stand out.  When people ask what is our best cup of coffee is, we always answer  “ the next one”.  

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