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The specially designed precision spout creates a constant water stream during even the slowest pours, ensuring even extraction and eliminating unwanted agitation of the coffee. A built in flow restrictor maintains water flow at an ideal speed. This is the pouring kettle to take your pour-over brewing to the next level.

Stainless steel with triple layer Teflon exterior coating.

  • 300ml (10oz) capacity kettle:

    • 4mm spout diameter

    • Height: 116mm Base Diameter: 75mm

  • 600ml (20oz) capacity kettle:

    • 6mm spout diameter

    • Height: 138mm Base Diameter: 91mm

  • 900ml (30oz) capacity kettle:

    • 6mm spout diameter

    • Height: 158mm Base Diameter: 105mm

  • Bottom of kettle may scratch/discolour/deform if used on a stove



* 0.5% of all our proceeds go directly to the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA), a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting, empowering and advancing women in the international coffee community.

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